About the Blog

by Yoda

Greetings Padawan!

Money matters in life. Money is important and yet there are absolutely no classes on money management/personal finance in school or in college! Most of the time, because money is such a touchy subject, lots of people never really discuss it with their close friends or even parents. As a result, we end up with so many people who do not know how to manage money or how to accumulate and grow it to a point so that one can safely retire/keep doing what you love to do without having to worry about money any longer and focus on family and other important hobbies, goals.

I started working in an IT job making around average entry level salary, my money came into my account every month and before I knew it most of it was gone. This happened for the first year or so of my job and then I decided to switch things around. I tried to find ways I could save up more of my money and make my money last longer and longer. I read up a lot of articles on the internet, read and listened to a lot of books, podcasts etc. Ultimately this opened my mind to a completely new world of personal finance and wealth management which I had no idea existed. I realized it doesn’t matter what you earn, what mattered was how you spend it and how you manage your expenses. All I needed to do was manage my money better and make that grow over time gradually and I would still be able to lead a very happy and fulfilling life.

By this time, I was already 27 years of age and after having done a lot of research and learning about concepts like compound interest, financial independence and retiring early, there was only one regret in my mind: If only I had come to know about these things earlier in my life I would have been in a much better position to accomplish my goals.

So I decided to create a blog in which I plan to discuss topics like personal finance, investing, banking, insurance and occasional tips and tricks on saving taxes, money etc. I want to share and gain knowledge on how to accumulate and grow wealth so we all can become financially independent and focus on our life goals/passions instead of worrying about money! Hope this blog helps people from all walks of life and welcome to my journey to financial independence!

Jedi Master Yoda