My Dividend Investing Portfolio

by Yoda

After index investing, my next favorite investing strategy is Dividend Investing. You can read about it a lot over here. In this article I wanted to give details on my dividend portfolio. I divide my stocks into various sectors. Although, I do not have any target percentages for any sector. I plan on buying stocks based on their valuation and opportunities Mr. Market produces, not based on a target percentage for each sector. I am still young and do not want to restrict myself  by only buying a limited amount of some individual stock. Maybe a 5k position is large in my portfolio as of today but 10-15 years later it might not even be half of what I want each position to be. I plan on holding these holdings for a long time and re-investing dividends to create that compounding effect. Most of my stocks are in either my or my wife’s Roth accounts. Some dividend stocks although, are in my individual broker account which I purchased when I did not know too much about tax efficient investing. Read more about tax efficient investing here.

I will try to keep this portfolio as much updated as possible. Without much delay here is my current dividend stock portfolio (As of 31st MAR 2020):

Ticker Company Name Sector Quote Dividend Amount Dividend Yield Research Article Link
ABBV AbbVie Inc Health Care 76.19 4.72 6.20%
AOS A. O. Smith Corp Industrial 37.81 0.96 2.54%
BLK BlackRock, Inc. Financials 439.97 14.52 3.30% BLK Analysis
CSCO Cisco Systems, Inc. Information Technology 39.31 1.44 3.66% CSCO Analysis
DIS Walt Disney Co Consumer Discretionary 96.6 1.76 1.82%
HON Honeywell International Inc. Industrials 133.79 3.28 2.45%%
KTB Kontoor Brands Inc Consumer Discretionary 19.17 2.24 11.68%% KTB Analysis
LW Lamb Weston Holdings Inc Consumer Staples 57.91 0.92 1.61%
MO Altria Group Inc Consumer Discretionary 38.67 3.36 8.69%
NATI National Instruments Corp Information Technology 33.08 1.04 3.14%
O Realty Income Corp Real Estate 49.86 2.79 5.60%
PEP PepsiCo, Inc. Consumer Staples 120.10 3.82 3.18%
PFE Pfizer Inc. Health Care 32.64 1.52 4.66%
PM Philip Morris International Inc. Consumer Discretionary 72.96 4.68 6.41%
PSX Phillips 66 Consumer Staples 53.65 3.6 6.71%
QCOM QUALCOMM, Inc. Information Technology 67.65 2.48 3.67%
SBUX Starbucks Corporation Consumer Discretionary 65.74 1.64 2.49%
STOR Store Capital Corp Real Estate 18.12 1.4 7.73%
T AT&T Inc. Telecom 29.15 2.08 7.14%
TCEHY TENCENT HOLDING/ADR Information Technology 49.09 0.115 0.23%
TGT Target Corporation Consumer Discretionary 92.97 2.64 2.84%
TROW T. Rowe Price Group Inc Financials 97.65 3.60 3.69%
VFC VF Corp Consumer Discretionary 54.08 1.92 3.55%
WFC Wells Fargo & Co Financials 28.7 2.04 7.11%
XOM Exxon Mobil Corporation Energy 37.97 3.48 9.17%

Dividend Portfolio by Sector Breakdown

portfolio pie 2020 q1


Do remember, this is just a listing of all the dividend stocks I own and their per share metrics as of As of 31st MAR 2020. This doesn’t represent my own size of individual positions or my yield on cost on these stocks.

Please check out my latest quarterly dividend update here. Check out my buys and rare sells for the latest quarter.

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