Quarterly Dividend Update: Q3 2019

by Yoda

Dividend Investing for me is a long-term strategy. I like to buy great companies at good value based on historical metrics and dividend safety. Hold them for a long time, re-invest dividends and wait for compounding to do its magic. This quarter  I was able to double positions in 2-3 of my holdings. Here is my Q3 2019 quarterly dividend update and comparison with Q3 2018.

Q3 2019 dividend table


Total: $585.53 for Q3 2019 (up 44% from Q3 2018 & up 13% from Q2 2019 )

Here is a graphical view of the same data:

Q3 2019 bar chart

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My Buys in Q3 2019

  • I received some shares of Kontoor Brands (KTB) from the spin off of VF Corp (VFC) last quarter. Shares of KTB went down significantly after starting trading. Most likely due to it being small-mid cap company post spin off. Many funds that held VFC probably were forced to sell KTB due to its market cap and fund rules. I thought of it as a good long term opportunity. They are in a very boring jeans segment in the market which has stable sales. Plus the 7+% yield was a bonus. I bought some more during Q3 2019. I did more analysis on it here.
  • Doubled my position in Wells Fargo (WFC) in Q3 2019. This quarter had lots of talk about rates heading either direction. Rates were even cut for the first time in last 10 years. And then cut again. This created a lot of volatility in bank stocks.  I believe that the worst from their scandals is behind WFC now. The fed enforcing a limit to their balance sheet in the meanwhile has really helped them to focus more on good quality loans to generate income. Towards the end of the quarter WFC finally managed to assign a new CEO. New CEO probably has a lot of house cleaning to do, but I think this is definitely a step in positive direction.
  • I bought some more of Altria (MO) in Q3 2019. With all the negative news around vaping and ban on vape devices from various state and international governments, MO’s price has fallen down a lot. Although I think MO management has a lot of experience with moving through regulatory hurdles. I think MO still has a pretty good chance of working with the governments to re-introduce vape devices in a very regulated manner. WSJ had a couple of interesting articles where they mentioned how JUUL took off their flavored pods form retail stores and ever since then we have had this health crisis. It also talked about how JUUL is already in process of making applications for May 2020 with the FDA to get their devices approved for sale. The dividend in the meanwhile appears safe.
  • I also doubled my position in Pfizer. Pfizer had announcements related to spin off plans this quarter. This has lead the stock to tumble to where I originally bought its stock.

 I would expect my Q4 2019 quarterly dividend update to reflect higher dividends with the help of these buys.

My Sells in Q3 2019

  • Sold some of my position in National Instruments(NATI) from my taxable account. I just sell some of this position when it becomes too large, to reduce risk of too much of being in 1 stock.

Check out my complete dividend portfolio here.

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